Plan Your Visit


Typically, a first time appointment will last roughly 75 minutes. There is a lot of ground to cover on your first visit and we enjoy providing you with unmatched service and answer all of your questions. Initially, we will discuss what brought you in. We will talk about your history with hair loss, and will examine your unique situation to determine if you need a wig, topper, or alternative option. After measuring your head, we will try on several wigs/pieces and zero in on the best one for you.


While having fun trying on wigs, you will learn the benefits of human hair and synthetic hair and will learn to wash and care for your selection. We will practice putting on the wig or hairpiece. Normally, everyone desires a bit of customizing on their favorite piece. We will trim the bangs to frame your face, and thin some hair out of the wig if necessary. Clips, combs, and sizing alterations are available to ensure a secure fit. At the end of your appointment, you will feel educated and empowered! The first appointment is meaningful to us as it is the beginning of a long lasting relationship with you.

Drop Off and Pick Up Appointments

These mini-consultations last 15 minutes to a half hour. If you are picking up an order, we will want to have you try it on to ensure a proper fit and provide you with your desired customizing. Pick-up appointments give you the chance to have your questions answered. Dropping off a wig for a simple wash and style does not require an appointment. If you are desiring to have a wig colored, you will want a quick consultation upon drop off.


Your privacy is important to us.  We are happy to schedule your appointment an hour before opening or right at close. Most of the time women prefer to enjoy the camaraderie of our open environment. It is not uncommon to meet a new friend at the wig shop, and to receive input from the group to help you choose the best looking wig!