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Lace Front Wig Cap

What is a lace front wig?

Most of our new clients ask the age old question: “Do you have lace fronts?” Lace Front is certainly a buzz word in the alternative hair industry. We are going to explain what a lace front hairline is and why it can benefit you on your quest to a natural looking wig. 

Lace front wigs and hairpieces have been used in Hollywood for years, and thankfully wig technology is improving quickly and lace fronts are becoming commonplace on ready to wear wigs

There are a few different styles of lace on the market, including Swiss lace, French lace, and the most popular- Monofilament lace. Monofilament is the same strong and invisible material that fishing line is made of. The monofilament strands are interwoven to create a thin, invisible netting. This netting is welded together to create a delicate yet reliable base for the wig. Hairs are individually looped onto the netting matrix and this results in each hair appearing to “grow” from the scalp. 

Chances are that you have seen someone wearing a lace front wig and you had no indication that it was not their real hair. 

Some of the benefits to selecting a lace front wig are that you can wear the bangs pushed off the face- there is no need to hide the front of the wig with bangs. Another major advantage is that the lace front allows the heat to leave your head and to breathe, keeping you far cooler. 

Hand-Tied wigs take the lace even one step further. The entire wig is single stranded in this case and every hair looks like it is growing out of your head. 

At Haley’s Designer Wigs, we stay ahead of the trends and carry an excellent inventory of lace front wigs and hand-tied wigs. At your appointment make sure to ask to try on a hand-tied wig and a lace front wig!

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